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At All Canines Academy, we specialize in positive reinforcement and relationship-based training, focusing on what motivates your dog to learn new behaviors and life skills. Our approach rewards desired actions rather than suppressing unwanted ones, fostering effective communication between you and your dog. This method has successfully guided hundreds of owners in strengthening their bond with their pets, ensuring that rewarded behaviors are repeated.

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1-on-1 Behavior Modification

Address specific behavioral challenges with a customized approach. Our behavior modification programs are designed to help dogs overcome complex issues, ensuring a happier and more balanced life for both you and your dog. We require an initial consultation to tailor the plan to your dog's unique needs. Our training is customized not only to address the dog’s behavior but also to fit the owner’s lifestyle and capabilities, ensuring sustainable and practical solutions.

  • Leash and Fear Aggression Behaviors: Comprehensive strategies to manage and reduce aggression.

  • Resource Guarding Tendencies: Techniques to prevent and manage guarding behavior.

  • Body Language Education: Understanding and interpreting your dog's body language for better communication.

  • Bond Building Techniques: Strengthening the relationship between you and your dog through trust and mutual respect.

  • Preparing for Life Changes (Baby, 2nd Dog, etc): Guidance on helping your dog adjust to significant changes in the household.

ACA Training Programs

Our 1-on-1 training programs are structured to help your dog master essential skills and behaviors, from basic manners to advanced training. These programs are available for immediate enrollment, allowing you and your dog to start your journey towards better behavior and stronger bonds without delay.

Note: These programs are not designed for dogs with aggressive behaviors, which fall under our behavior modification services

  • Foundational Training Program: Establishing a strong foundation for obedience and positive behavior.

  • Basic Manners Program: Covering essential manners both inside and outside the home, ensuring your dog behaves well in various environments.

  • Reliable Recall Program: Teaching your dog to reliably come when called, even under distractions.

  • Walking with Your Dog Program: Improving your dog's walking behavior to make walks enjoyable for both of you (excluding leash reactivity).

Student Transformations


Athena, a young female Belgian Malinois, exhibited excessive energy, frequent jumping, and poor bite inhibition, lacking control in her bite strength and accuracy. Her owner sought to instill in her the essential life skills through proper training mechanics.

Athena underwent a comprehensive program tailored to her needs, including a balanced regimen of sleep, mental stimulation, training, and exercise. Through focused engagement techniques, socialization with our resident dog Gracie, and dedicated practice, she significantly improved in bite inhibition, loose leash walking, impulse control, and attentiveness amidst distractions.


Proudly Serves Greater Phila Search & Rescue Team

Thor, a German Shepherd and a working SAR (Search and Rescue) dog, struggled with leash reactivity, particularly towards other dogs, excessive pulling during walks, and high stress levels, partially due to not receiving enough mental stimulation appropriate for a working breed. He was also notably reactive to people near the vehicle.

Switching Thor's walks from the neighborhood to the park with a long leash gave him the necessary space to engage his senses, reducing frustration caused by a shorter leash. Through numerous counterconditioning sessions with our resident dog, Gracie, Thor learned to be more at ease around other dogs. His ability to handle proximity to dogs has significantly improved, alongside notable enhancements in focus and responsiveness.


Huck, an adolescent mixed breed male, showed apprehension and excessive excitement around guests, even reacting towards a few people. His owners were keen on understanding his body language and managing his behaviors at home, aiming to enhance his focus, engagement, and recall.

Under our guidance, they introduced mental stimulation and interactive play, such as tug games, established a guest arrival routine, and increased Huck's leash time in the park. These measures progressively improved his recall, even with distractions and at greater distances.


Cody, a male, mixed breed 5 year old, was profoundly afraid of the outdoors, struggling with the trauma of a harsh past. He was terrified of loud noises, other dogs, and moving vehicles, exhibiting stress through constant shaking and pacing, and barely managed short walks due to his leash discomfort.

After a series of ten training sessions, Cody has remarkably transformed. He's now more responsive to his owners, shows improved recall, and enjoys enhanced daily mental stimulation. Gradually adapting to city sounds and longer walks, Cody has also benefited from training and playing with our resident dog, Gracie, showcasing significant progress in his confidence and behavior.

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